Agricultural Innovation and Resource Management in Ghanaian Households: Survey Data papers based on the survey (please note that these are mostly highly preliminary and subject to change):

The survey modules were administered according to this schedule. Here are some pictures from the area.

The "Code Books + Questionnaires" column contains pdf reproductions of the relevant survey instruments, and files describing the data and response coding. The "Raw Data + Programs" column contains raw data from the survey in Paradox for Windows (version 4.5) format, along with the Stata programs that translate that data into Stata format and correct the typographical and coding errors in the raw data. The "Final Data" column contains the corrected data in Stata format.

Complete Data Archive:


Code Books + Questionnaire(s)

Raw Data + Programs

Final Data

Round 1




Asset Holdings (main program) (subprograms)

Round 2




Gifts, Round 2

Trading Stocks, Round 2

Round 3




Farming Information, Round 3

Other Income, Round 3

Round 4





Round 5




Gifts, Round 5

Family Background, Round 5

Plot List, Round 5

Round 6




Plot Status

Farm Information

Plot Events, Round 6

Round 7




Household Roster


Other Income, Round 7

Round 8





Plot Ranking, Round 8

Round 9




Time Allocation

Asset Holdings (main program) (subprograms)

Plot List, Round 9

Round 10




Marriage, Round 10

Plot Ranking, Round 10

Agricultural Learning, Round 10

Round 11




Gifts, Round 11

Events, Round 11

Round 12





Round 13




Other Income, Round 13

Marriage, Round 13

Permanent Labor, Round 13

Round 14




Learning version 2

Time Allocation

Gifts, Round 14

Round 15




Household Roster


Plot wrap up

Asset Holdings (main program) (subprograms)

Trading Stocks, Round 15

Events, Round 15

Multiple Rounds




Soil Data

No associated questionnaire

Plot Activity Data

Sales Data

Borrowing Data

Lending Data

Sales from Spouse's Plot Data

Work on Spouse's Plot Data

Permanent Individual Roster

Added Plots

Discontinued Plots

Marital Transfers

Plot Questionnaire


The research project which has generated these data is supported by NSF grants 9617694 and 0079115, and by the International Food Policy Research Institute, the World Bank Research Committee, the Social Science Research Council, the Fulbright program, Northwestern University, the Institute for World Politics, and the UC Berkeley Institute for Industrial Relations. We are grateful to the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research for providing a vibrant and stimulating research environment.

The actual work to collect these data was provided by:
Ernest Appiah, field supervisor
Robert Ernest Afedoe, enumerator
Patrick Selorm Amihere, enumerator
Esther Aku Sarquah, enumerator
Kwabena Moses Agyapong, enumerator
Esther Nana Yaa Adofo, enumerator
Michael Kwame Arhin, enumerator
Margaret Harriet Yeboah, enumerator
Issac Yaw Omane, enumerator
Peter Ansong-Manu, enumerator
Ishmaelina Borde-Koufie, enumerator
Owusu Frank Abora, enumerator
Rita Allotey, enumerator
Aima Oforiwa Adinku, data entry
Stella Anim-Koranteng, data entry
Ruby Ofori, data entry