Selected Working Papers and Data

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  1. External Validity in a Stochastic World: Evidence from Low Income Countries, with Mark Rosenzweig, July 2017.
  2. Impact of savings groups on the lives of the poor Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Early Edition: March 7, 2017 with Dean Karlan, Beniamino Savonitto, Bram Thuysbaert (Data)
  3. Does Community-Based Development Empower Citizens? Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Ghana, with Ernest Appiah, Kate Baldwin and Dean Karlan, October 2016. (Data)
  4. Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali, with Lori Beaman, Dean Karlan and Bram Thuysbaert, August 2015.
  5. A Multifacited Program Causes Lasting Progress for the Poor: Evidence from Six Countries, with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Nathanael Goldberg, Dean Karlan, Robert Osei, William Parienté, Jeremy Shapiro, Bram Thuysbaert. Science. Vol. 348 no. 6236. 15 May 2015.
  6. Consulting and Capital Experiments with Micro and Small Tailoring Enterprises in Ghana, with Dean Karlan and Ryan Knight, forthcoming, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Earlier version “Hoping to Win, Expected to Lose: Theory and Lessons on Micro Enterprise Development”.
  7. Forecasting Profitability, with Mark Rosenzweig, June 2014.
  8. Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints, with Dean Karlan, Robert Osei and Isaac Osei-Akoto. Quarterly Journal of Economics. 129(2), May 2014.
  9. Rainfall Forecasts, Weather and Wages over the Agricultural Production Cycle, with Mark Rosenzweig. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings.104(5), May 2014.
  10. Profitability of Fertilizer: Experimental Evidence from Female Rice Farmers in Mali, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2013.
  11. Land Tenure, in Ernest Aryeetey, Shantayanan Devarajan and Ravi Kanbur, eds. The Oxford Companion to the Economics of Africa, 2011
  12. Power Point presentation for "The Teaching of Africa", July 2011.
  13. Esther Duflo, 2010 John Bates Clark Medalist, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2011
  14. Crop Price Indemnified Loans for Farmers: A Pilot Experiment in Rural Ghana, with Dean Karlan, Ed Kutsoati and Margaret McMillan.  March 2011, Journal of Risk and Insurance. Data.  Survey instruments.
  15. The Economics of Agriculture in Africa: Notes on a Research Program.  Forthcoming, African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
  16. Creating Property Rights: Land Banks in Ghana, with Ernest Aryeetey. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, May 2010.
  17. Learning About a New Technology: Pineapple in Ghana, with Tim Conley.  American Economic Review, March 2010.
  18. Networks, Local Institutions and Agriculture in Africa: Notes Toward a Research Program, July 2009.
  19. The Profits of Power: Land Rights and Agricultural Investment in Ghana, with Markus Goldstein. Journal of Political Economy, December 2008
  20. Households and the Social Organization of Consumption in Southern Ghana, with Hyungi Woo. African Studies Review, 2007.
  21. The Return to Capital in Ghana, with Santosh Anagol, February 2006, AER Papers and Proceedings.
  22. Addressing Unequal Economic Opportunities: A Case Study of Land Tenure in Ghana, with Markus Goldstein. Development Outreach, February 2006.
  23. Institutions and Development: A View from Below, in Advances in Economics and Econometrics 2006, Blundell, Newey and Persson, eds., with Rohini Pande
  24. Consumption Smoothing? Livestock, Insurance and Drought in Rural Burkina Faso, Journal of Development Economics, 2006 with Harounan Kazianga.
  25. Rural Financial Markets in Developing Countries,  Handbook of Agricultural Economics, 2007, with Jonathan Conning.
  26. Intrahousehold Resource Allocation in Côte d'Ivoire: Social Norms, Separate Accounts and Consumption Choices, December 2004, with Esther Duflo.
  27. Child Labor, in Banerjee, Benabou and Mookherjee, eds. Understanding Poverty, 2006.
  28. Social Networks in Ghana, May 2004 (Economic Growth Center Working Paper no. 888), with Tim Conley.
  29. Slides from “Mixing Methods” talk
  30. Fieldwork, Economic Theory and Research on Institutions in Developing Countries, January 2003.  A somewhat less terse version that ignores the AER Papers and Proceedings restrictions.
  31. Social Learning Through Networks: The Adoption of New Agricultural Technologies in Ghana, November 2000, with Tim Conley. Forthcoming, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
  32. Informal notes on households, firms and networks in Africa, April, 2000.
  33. Gender and Land Resource Management in Southern Ghana, September 1999 with Markus Goldstein.
  34. Agricultural Innovation and Resource Management in Ghana with Markus Goldstein . September 1999. Here are the landscape figures and the portrat figures.
    This appendix contains reproductions of the survey instruments, and the schedule of their administration. The survey is still ongoing, but we'll be adding the raw data to this site as quickly as possible.
  35. Development Microeconomics, a graduate textbook I've written with Pranab Bardhan.
  36. Efficiency and Market Structure: Testing for Profit Maximization in African Agriculture, June 1997.
  37. Gender, Agricultural Productivity and the Theory of the Household, Journal of Political Economy, 1996 (104/5).
  38. Drought and Saving in West Africa: Are Livestock a Buffer Stock?, with Marcel Fafchamps and Katie Czukas. 1997, Journal of Development Economics.
  39. Risk and Saving in Northern Nigeria, American Economic Review, January 1996.
  40. Recent Advances in Empirical Microeconomic Research in Poor Countries,Journal of Economic Education, Winter 1997.
  41. The Characteristics of Informal Financial Markets in Africa, with Ernest Aryeetey, Journal of African Economies 1997 (6/1) .
  42. Documentation for the Northern Nigeria Rural Credit Survey. This is data that I collected in 1988-89 near Zaria, Northern Nigeria. One relevant reference is Udry, "Risk and Insurance in a Rural Credit Market: An Empirical Investigation in Northern Nigeria." Review of Economic Studies, 61, 1994. You can download the data. If you do download the data, I ask that you send me e-mail to let me know. I would also like to receive copies of any papers written using these data. The data are also available at the ICPSR as study number 1107.
  43. Estimation of Type 3 Tobit Models using Symmetric Trimming and Pairwise Comparisons, with Bo Honoré and Ekaterini Kyriazidou , This paper is available at the Journal of Econometrics web site.
  44. Archives of the Ghana survey questionnaires and associated documents. Partially modified to US format. In original wp format. In original word format.