Galina Hale   

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Graduate IF S'05
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Department of Economics
Cowles Foundation, Economic Growth Center, International Center for Finance
Yale University

I am on leave this academic year, so I am not updating this page.  Here is my Stanford page link.

Detailed contact information on the official page

Working papers: (see Research for abstracts and work in progress)

"The Decision to First Enter the Public Bond Market: The Role of Firm Reputation, Finding Choices and Bank Relationships" Yale ICF WP 04-47 (with Joao Santos)
"Courage to Capital? A Model of the Effects of Rating Agencies on Sovereign Debt Roll-over" CFDP No. 1506 (with Mark Carlson)
"Bonds or Loans? The Effect of Macroeconomic Fundamentals" CFDP No. 1403
"Bonds or Loans: On the Choice of International Debt Instrument by Emerging Market borrowers"

Papers published (see Research for details and links to full text):

“Flight to Quality: Investor Risk Tolerance and the Spread of Emerging Market Crises (with Barry Eichengreen and Ashoka Mody)
“Lessons from Russian 1998 Financial Crisis
“World Experience in Fighting High Inflation”

Global Financial Data is here!!!  (Yale IP required)

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