RICE-2010 and DICE-2010 Models (as of March 20, 2012)


An article describing RICE 2010 and some policy analyses has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (US).


1. The paper is available, click here.

2. Supporting information that will provide further details and will be available at the publisher's website for archival purposes is available, click here.



The Excel model of the runs is also available. This is the version of April 25, 2010 used in the PNAS submission.  

-  The RICE-2010 model (version RICE2010.042510) is available for use. The current version for use by modelers can be downloaded, click here.

-  Most questions about operating the model can be found in the sheet labeled “How To Solve” in Excel file.

- There are three versions available at present:  

   Baseline, click here.

   Optimal, click here.  

   Limit to 2 degrees C, click here.




The RICE-2010 model contains a module for sea-level rise (SLR). The description of the module is contained in a writeup ("Projections of Sea Level Rise," February 19, 2009), click here.   (The results are slightly different from the SLR projections in the RICE model above.)


The DICE-2010 model is now available in a beta version as an Excel spreadsheet. It contains a base run, a carbon tax control, an emissions rate control, and a temperature limit run. Full utilization requires the Solver Premium Platform, but some simply runs can be done in Excel. The DICE-2010 is calibrated to conform to the full RICE-2010 and has virtually identical properties.

The beta version (DICE2010_082710d.xlsx) is available, click here.

Model available for NYRB readers (March 2012)


The RICE-2010 model is available to calculate the impact of policy changes. The one tested here is the impact of delaying policy for 50 years. The spreadsheet is available at click here.



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