RICE and DICE Models of Economics of Climate Change

            William D. Nordhaus, Yale University

                             November 2006


The RICE and DICE models are integrated economic and geophysical models of the economics of climate change. They were developed at Yale University by William Nordhaus, David Popp, Zili Yang, Joseph Boyer, and colleagues.


This page links to different aspects of the DICE-RICE models that will be helpful for students, researchers, and those with general interest in the economics of global warming.


Table of Contents of the Web Page


I.        The Most Recent Comprehensive Description of the Models is in Nordhaus and Boyer, Warming the World: Economic Models of Global Warming (MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, 2000).  Click here


II.     The most recent version of the DICE model, updated to economics and geophysical parameters in November 2006. This model was used in the review of the Stern Review of Climate Change. Click here for the GAMS model. Click here for the documentation of the changes.


II.  Original DICE and RICE models. Click here


III. Research Papers Using revised DICE and RICE Models. Click here


IV. GAMS Computer Programs for RICE-99. Click here


V. Spreadsheet Versions of DICE-99 and RICE-99 models. Click here


VI. Spreadsheet Versions of RICE-2001 model used for Science article, November 2001. Click here


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