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Internet Edition of


Warming the World: Economics Models of Global Warming

William Nordhaus and Joseph Boyer


1. This study is available both as a published book from MIT Press and in electronic form on the Internet. The Internet version is provided below.

2. A brief summary of the work and some important conclusions can be found at:

Overview of RICE model and conclusions


3. The web version of Warming the World: Economics Models of Global Warming is available as follows:


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Structure And Derivation of RICE

Chapter 3. Calibration of the Major Sectors

Chapter 4. The Impacts of Climate Change

Chapter 5. The DICE-99 Model

Chapter 6. Computational Procedures

Chapter 7. Efficient Climate-Change Policies

Chapter 8. Economic Analysis of the Kyoto Protocol

Chapter 9. Managing the Global Commons


Appendix A. Equations of the RICE-99 Model

Appendix B. Equations of the DICE-99 Model

Appendix C. Variable List

Appendix D. GAMS Code for RICE-99, Base Case and Optimal Case

Appendix E. GAMS Code for DICE-99

4. The following programs are available on the Internet for researchers who would like to run the models:

A. GAMS Computer Programs for RICE-99

The following are the GAMS programs for RICE-98 and DICE-98.

  1. Programs for RICE-99 model.  This contains both a short description and the GAMS programs. RICE
  2. Programs for DICE-99 model. This contains only the GAMS program.  DICE

B. Spreadsheet Versions of DICE-99 and RICE-99 models

The following are the Excel version of DICE-99 and the documentation for the model.

Note: Some have had difficulty downloading these files. If you are having difficulty downloading the files with Netscape, try Internet Explorer. Alternatively, you can use the "save as" option

  1. DICE-99 as an Excel Spreadsheet: [Dice-99 Microsoft Excel 5.0/'95 Workbook]
  2. Documentation of the DICE Spreadsheet: [Wordperfect 5.0] , [Wordperfect 6/7/8] , [Microsoft Word 6/7] , [RTF file]
  3. RICE-99 Spreadsheet version [Excel file]