Workshop in Behavioral Finance
July 13-15, 1992

Robert J. Shiller and Richard Thaler, Organizers

Andrea Beltratti, Universita di Torino (Joint with Sergio Margarita)
"Social Conventions in the Stock Market: A Simulation with Artificial Adaptive Agents"
     Discussant: Richard J. Zeckhauser, Harvard University and NBER

Chyi-mei Chen, MIT
"Prospect Theory, Equilibrium Asset Returns, and Optimal Risk Sharing"

Jeremy C. Stein, MIT and NBER
"Pricing and Trading in Housing Markets: A Model with Downpayment Effects"
     Discussant: Karl E. Case, Wellesley College

Werner F.M. De Bondt, University of Wisconsin, Madison (Joint with Alvin L Stroyny)
"The Changing Beta of Winners and Losers: How Much of It Is a Statistical Illusion?"
     Discussant: Jay Ritter, University of Illinois, Champaign

Shlomo Benartzi and Richard H. Thaler, Cornell University
"A Behavioral Explanation of the Risk Premium Puzzle
     Discussant: Kenneth French, University of Chicago

David W.R. Gruen, Princeton University and Reserve Bank of Australia (Joint with Marianne G. Gizycki)
"The Failure of Uncovered Interest Parity: Taking Psychology Seriously"
     Discussant: Kenneth A. Froot, Harvard University and NBER

Orley C. Ashenfelter, Princeton University and NBER and David Genesove, MIT
"More Anomalies in Condominium Auctions"

Louis K.C. Chan and Josef Lakonishok, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
"The Behavior of Stock Prices Around Institutional Trades"
     Discussant: Jay Patel, Kennedy School

Shlomo Benartzi, Cornell University
"Evidence that Investors Under-React to the Implications of Dividend Changes for Subsequent Earnings"

Robert Shiller, Yale University (Joint with Maxim Boycko and Vladimir Korobov)
"Hunting for Homo Sovieticus:Situational Versus Attitudinal Factors in Economic Behavior"

Sponsored by
Russell Sage Foundation and National Bureau of Economic Research