Workshop in Behavioral Finance
May 4, 1996

Robert J. Shiller and Richard Thaler, Organizers

Kenneth Froot, Harvard University and NBER (Joint with Emil Dabora, Harvard University)
"How Are Stock Prices Affected by the Location of Trade?"
     Discussant: Jeffrey Pontiff, University of Washington

Owen Lamont, University of Chicago and NBER; Peter Klibanoff, Northwestern University; and Thierry Wizman, Strategic Investment Partners
"Investor Reaction to Salient News in the Closed-End Country Fund Market"
     Discussant: Andrei Shleifer, Harvard University and NBER

Terrance Odean, UC, Berkeley
"Are Investors Reluctant to Realize Their Losses?"
     Discussant: James Poterba, MIT and NBER

Kent Womack, Dartmouth University and Roni Michaely, Cornell University
"Conflicts of Interest and the Credibility of Underwriters' Analysts' Recommendations"
     Discussant: Jay Ritter, MIT

Jeremy Stein, MIT and NBER
"Rational Capital Budgeting in an Irrational World"

Robert Barsky, Miles Kimball, Matthew Shapiro, University of Michigan and NBER and F. Thomas Juster, University of Michigan
"Preference Perimeter and Behavioral Heterogeneity: An Experimental Approach in the Health and Retirement Survey"
     Discussant: Robert J. Shiller, Yale University and NBER

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