Workshop in Behavioral Finance
April 10, 2004

Robert J. Shiller and Richard Thaler, Organizers

Harrison Hong, Princeton University and Jeremy Stein, Harvard University & NBER
"Simple Forecasts and Paradigm Shifts"
    Discussant: Pietro Veronesi, University of Chicago & NBER

Alok Kumar, University of Notre Dame and Charles M.K. Lee, Cornell University
"Mass Psychology and Stock Returns: The Case of Retail Trades"
    Discussant: Jeffrey Wurgler, New York University & NBER

David Hirshleifer, Kewei Hou, Siew Hong Teoh, and Yinglei Zhang, Ohio State University
"Do Investors Overvalue Firms with Bloated Balance Sheets?"
    Discussant: Kent Daniel, Northwestern University & NBER

Robin Greenwood, Harvard University
"Aggregate Corporate Liquidity and Stock Returns"
    Discussant: Owen Lamont, Yale University & NBER

Anna Scherbina, Harvard University
"Analyst Disagreement, Forecast Bias and Stock Returns"
    Discussant: Narasimhan Jegadeesh, Emory University

Daniel Bergstresser, Harvard University, Mihir Desai, Harvard University & NBER and Joshua Rauh, MIT
"Earnings Manipulation: Evidence from Pension Decision Making"
    Discussant: Shlomo Benartzi, UC, Los Angeles

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Conference sponsored by
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