Workshop in Behavioral Finance
November 5, 2011

James J. Choi, Yale School of Management, and Lauren Cohen, Harvard Business School, Organizers

Yen-cheng Chang, Shanghai Advanced Institute for Finance, and Harrison Hong, Princeton University and NBER
"Rules and Regression Discontinuities in Asset Markets"

Dong Lou, London School of Economics
"Attracting Investor Attention through Advertising"

Huina Mao and Johan Bollen, Indiana University-Bloomington, and Scott Counts, Microsoft Research
"Computational Economic and Finance Gauges: Polls, Search, & Twitter"

David Hirshleifer, University of California at Berkeley, Irvine, and Jianfeng Yu, University of Minnesota
"Asset Pricing in Production Economies with Extrapolative Expectations"

Yigitcan Karabulut, Goethe University, Frankfurt
"Can Facebook Predict Stock Market Activity?"

Sebastien Pouget and Stephane Villeneuve, University of Toulouse
"A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Change: Confirmation Bias in Financial Markets"

Ulrike Malmendier, University of California at Berkeley and NBER, and Stefan Nagel, Stanford University and NBER
"Learning from Inflation Experiences"

Victor Stango, University of California at Davis, and Jonathan Zinman, Dartmouth College and NBER
"Borrowing High vs. Borrowing Higher: Sources and Consequences of Dispersion in Individual Borrowing Costs"

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Conference sponsored by
Bracebridge Capital, Fuller & Thaler Asset Management and
LSV Asset Management
under the auspices of the National Bureau of Economic Research