Workshop in Behavioral Finance
April 20, 2013

Andrei Shleifer and Luigi Zingales, Organizers

Nicola Gennaioli, University of Bocconi
Andrei Shleifer, Harvard University and NBER
Robert Vishny, University of Chicago and NBER
"Money Doctors"
    Discussant: Xavier Gabaix, New York University and NBER

John Chalmers, University of Oregon,
Jonathan Reuter, Boston College and NBER
"What is the Impact of Financial Advisors on Retirement Portfolio Choices and Outcomes?"
    Discussant: Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Northwestern University and NBER

Umit Gurun, Univesity of Texas at Dallas
Gregor Matvos, University of Chicago and NBER
Amit Seru, University of Chicago and NBER
"Advertising Expensive Mortgages"
    Discussant: Eric Zitzewitz, Dartmouth College and NBER

Santosh Anagol, Univrersity of Pennsylvania
Shawn A. Cole, Harvard University
Shayak Sarkar, Harvard University
"Understanding the Advice of Commissions-Motivated Agents: Evidence from the Indian Life Insurance Market"
    Discussant: Devin Pope, University of Chicago and NBER

John Y. Campbell, Harvard University and NBER
Tarun Ramadorai, University of Oxford
Benjamin Ranish, Harvard University
"Getting Better: Learning to Invest in an Emerging Stock Market"
    Discussant: Stefan Nagel, Stanford University and NBER

Luigi Guiso, European University Institute
Paola Sapienza, Northwestern University and NBER
Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago and NBER
"Time Varying Risk Aversion"
    Discussant: Nicholas Barberis, Yale University and NBER

Panel: Investors and Their Advisors
Bruce Carlin, University of California at Los Angeles and NBER
Antoinette Schoar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NBER
Richard Thaler, University of Chicago and NBER

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Conference sponsored by
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