Workshop in Behavioral Finance
November 14-15, 2014

Nicholas C. Barberis and Kent D. Daniel, Organizers

Daniel Chen, ETH Zurich
Tobias J. Moskowitz, University of Chicago and NBER
Kelly Shue, University of Chicago and NBER
"Decision-Making under the Gambler's Fallacy: Evidence from Asylum Judges, Loan Officers, and Baseball Umpires"
    Discussant: Daniel Benjamin, Cornell University and NBER

Tom Chang, University of Southern California
Samuel M. Hartzmark, University of Chicago
David H. Solomon, University of Southern California
Eugene F. Soltes, Harvard University
"Being Surprised by the Unsurprising: Earnings Seasonality and Stock Returns"
    Discussant: Eric So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University
Sendhil Mullainathan, Harvard University and NBER
Chenhao Tan, Cornell University
Thomas Zimmermann, Harvard University
"Inductive Testing: Theory and an Application to the Disposition Effect"
    Discussant: Matti Keloharju, Aalto University

Francesco D’Acunto, University of California at Berkeley
Marcel Prokopczuk, Zeppelin University
Michael Weber, University of Chicago
"Distrust in Finance Lingers: Jewish Persecution and Households' Investments"
    Discussant: Paola Sapienza, Northwestern University and NBER

Yihui Pan, University of Utah
Stephan Siegel, University of Washington
Tracy Yue Wang, University of Minnesota
"The Cultural Origin of Preferences: CEO Cultural Heritage and Corporate Investment"
    Discussant: Ulrike Malmendier, University of California at Berkeley and NBER

Chunxin Jia, Peking University
Yaping Wang, Peking University
Wei Xiong, Princeton University and NBER
"Social Trust and Differential Reactions of Local and Foreign Investors to Public News"
    Discussant: Christopher Parsons, University of California at San Diego

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