Macroeconomics and Individual Decision Making

November 6, 2004

George A. Akerlof and Robert Shiller, Organizers

Roland Benabou, Princeton University & NBER and Jean Tirole, Institut d'Economie Industrielle
"Incentives and Prosocial Behavior"
    Discussant: Roland Fryer, Harvard University & NBER

Paola Giuliano, IMF
"On the Determinants of Living Arrangements in Western Europe: Does Cultural Origin Matter?"
    Discussant: Alberto Alesina, Harvard University & NBER

Miles Kimball and Matthew Shapiro, University of Michigan & NBER
"Labor Supply: Are the Income and Substitution Effects Both Large or Both Small?"
    Discussant: Joseph Altonji, Yale University & NBER

Jeffrey Liebman and Richard Zeckhauser, Harvard University & NBER
    Discussant: Robert Hall, Stanford University & NBER

Luigi Guiso, University of Sassari, Paola Sapienza, Northwestern University and Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago & NBER
"Cultural Biases in Economic Exchange"
    Discussant: Marianne Baxter, Boston University & NBER

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