Fall 2003

Economics 525A
Advanced Macroeconomics I

Fall, 2003, Mon & Wed 9:00–10:20, Room B108, 28 Hillhouse

Robert Shiller
30 Hillhouse Ave., Room 23a, 432-3708

Administrative Assistant: carol.copeland@yale.edu, 432-3726, 30 Hillhouse Ave., Room 11a

This course centers on the treatment of risk in macroeconomics. The course abstracts from the assumption of much macroeconomic theorizing that it is a reasonable objective for economic theory to discover methods of promoting economic growth or stabilizing the economy, and instead studies the economy from the perspective of minimizing the impact of inevitable macroeconomic risks. We study second-moment, rather than just first moment, macroeconomics. The course draws heavily on financial theory and empirics.

Students should have taken Economics 510a and 511b.

Course Requirements: Problem sets, short term paper on one of the topics on the reading list, final exam. *Xeroxed packet

I. Introduction: Macroeconomic Risks

Shiller, Robert, The New Financial Order, Introduction, Chapter 1 (What the World Might Have Looked Like since 1950) and Chapter 2 (The Hidden Problem of Economic Risk).

*Campbell, John Y. and Luis Viceira, Strategic Asset Allocation: Portfolio Choice for Long-Term Investors, Oxford University Press, 2002, Chapter 1.

II. Long Term Nature of Risks: Present Value Models, Asset Price Bubbles

*Campbell, John Y. and Luis Viceira, Strategic Asset Allocation: Portfolio Choice for Long-Term Investors, Oxford University Press, 2002, Chapter 2, 3.

*Campbell, John Y., Andrew Lo, and A. Craig MacKinlay, The Econometrics of Financial Markets, MIT Press, 1997, (present value models) chapters 7–8.

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III. Macroeconomic Risk Management

A. Review of Capital Asset Pricing Model and Derivatives in Risk Management

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B. Applications to Macro Risks

Shiller, Robert J., The New Financial Order, Chapter 9: "Macro Markets Trading the Biggest Risks."

Athanasoulis, Stefano, and Robert J. Shiller "World Income Components: Measuring and Exploiting International Risk-Sharing Opportunities," American Economic Review, September 2001, Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper No. 1239.

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IV. Lessons from Behavioral Economics

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V. Indexation

Campbell, John Y. and Robert J. Shiller, "A Scorecard for Indexed Government Debt," NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 1996, also as html file on my home page: http://www.econ.yale.edu/~shiller

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VI. Intergenerational Risk Sharing and Social Security

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VII Housing, Insurance and Long-Term Risks

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