Ghana Pictures

The following pictures can be downloaded.  They are in jpg format.

First, some pictures from Konkonuru:

A respondent's house garden
Abora interviewing
A square in the center of town, and another
Patrick interviewing in Konkonuru
The town primary and junior secondary schools
Scenes on the way to the borehole: in the middle of town, and on the forest path
The borehole
Linea and Agyepong (and Peter and Patrick) in Gyankama, near Konkonuru.
An akpeteshie (moonshine made from palm wine) distillery
A 'private' interview in Konkonuru
Our researcher Linea at Patrick's house
Pictures from Oboadaka:
Bob's home in Oboadaka
Supervisor Ernest and researcher Bob
at work
Maize storage over kitchens
One of our respondents, on her way Home from farm
Bob and respondents
Bob's Cassava farm
Pounding fufu - our researcher Esther is turning
An unusual Pineapple/cassava intercrop
This is an old pinapple plot, fallowed for 2 years, now being readied for replanting.
This plot has been cleared, and is ready for burning.
A key benefit of research with pineapple farmers.
The town primary "World Bank"-style school
Going after coconut
Some of our respondents
 Oboadaka Akpeteshie spot
Home from the farm with cassava
Pictures from Pokrom:
 Peter and Kwame discussing Peter's tro-tro
Kwame conducting an interview
Esther, Kwame, and Ernest in central Pokrom
Pokrom: no more forest, lots of pineapple


Barbara, Cleo, Sophia and Chris at a rest stop on the road to Aburi
Learning to cook: Christine teaching Sophia to grind tomatoes
Christine pounding fufu, Cleo waiting
Food away from home - an Oboadaka chop bar and its customers.
Ernest at work in the beast.
Near monoculture of pineapple in Akwapim South.
Ruby and Stella in the project office at ISSER.
In their funereal finery: Kwame, Stella, Peter, Margaret, Esther and Ernest