Macroeconomics and Individual Decision Making

November 10, 2007

George A. Akerlof and Robert Shiller, Organizers

Daniel Benjamin, Cornell University, James Choi, Yale University and NBER, and A. Joshua Strickland, Yale University
"Social Identity and Preferences"
   Discussant: Karla Hoff, World Bank

Truman Bewley, Yale University
"A Report on an Ongoing Field Study of Pricing"
   No discussant

Alberto Alesina, Harvard University and NBER, and Paola Giuliano, Harvard University
"The Power of the Family"
   Discussant:  Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University

Nabil Al-Najjar, Northwestern University
"Decision Makers as Statisticians: Diversity, Ambiguity and Robustness"
   No discussant

Ulrike Malmendier, UC, Berkeley and NBER, and Stefan Nagel, Stanford University and NBER
"Depression Babies: Do Macroeconomic Experiences Affect Risk-Taking?"
   Discussant: John Ameriks, The Vanguard Group

Edward Glaeser, Harvard University and NBER, and Bruce Sacerdote, Dartmouth College and NBER
"Aggregation Reversals and the Social Formation of Beliefs"
   Discussant:  Abhijit Banerjee, MIT and NBER

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