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Discussion Paper Series

The broad objectives of theoretical and empirical research at the Economic Growth Center are to understand the process of economic development and growth as well as the associated changes in economic structure. In particular, an understanding of how policies affect that process is necessary for suggesting policies for promoting development. The research is founded on relevant economic theory (micro and macro) and econometric tools. Empirical studies rely on cross-sectional and intertemporal data on micro decision-making units, such as individuals and households, and aggregates, such as nations, interpreted within suitable economic, demographic, and social frameworks. An increasing share of the research involves the study of the behavior of persons, households, and firms, as revealed in sample surveys, and applies the tools of microeconomic theory and associated statistical tools.  EGC Discussion Papers report the results of the research efforts of Center members. 

EGC faculty, visiting research faculty associated with the EGC and Ph.D. students on the job market wishing to submit a paper to the series, should email the paper to Louise Danishevsky.   Please be sure to complete a submission form and include JEL codes, keywords, and abstract.