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Center Discussion Papers
Nos. 1 - 760

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1. Green, Reginald H. & Stephen Hymer. "The Introduction of Cocoa in the Gold Coast: A Study in the Relations Between African Farmers and Colonial
Agricultural Experts,"
February 18, 1966. (46 pp.)

2. Fei, John C. H. & Gustav Ranis. "Agrarianism, Dualism and Economic Development," February 23, 1966. (72 pp.)

3. Manesch, Andrea. "The Scope of Allocation in the Public Sector," February 28, 1966. (7 pp.)

4. Frank, Charles. "Integer Programming, Marginal Revenue Productivity and Pricing of Resources," March 31, 1966. (30 pp.)

5. Hunt, Shane. "On the Accuracy of Peruvian Foreign Trade Statistics," April 5, 1966. (19 pp.)

6. Hymer, Stephen "The Impact of the Multinational Firm," May 17, 1966. (35 pp.)

7. Patrick, Hugh T. "The Financing of the Public Sector in Postwar Japan," June 1, 1966. (36 pp.)

8. Berry, R. Albert & Ronald Soligo. "Some Welfare Aspects of International Migration," July 7, 1966. (29 pp.)

9. Berry, R. Albert & Ronald Soligo. "Rural-Urban Migration, Agricultural Output, and the Supply Price of Labor in a Labor Surplus Economy," September 6,
1966. (34 pp.)

10. Rahman, Anisur. "Finite-Horizon Planning and Optimizing the Rate of Savings," September 16, 1966. (22 pp.)

11. Reynolds, Lloyd G. "Comparative Systems, or Comparative Economics," October 3, 1966. (15 pp.)

12. Minami, Ryoshin. "Estimation of Daily Wages in Manufacturing Industries in Pre-War Japan: A Note," October 7, 1966. (34 pp.)

13. Hymer, Stephen. "The Decision to Own a Foreign Enterprise," November 16, 1966. (25 pp.)

14. Nowshirvani, Vahid. "The Cobweb Phenomenon in Subsistence Agriculture: A Theoretical Analysis," November 22, 1966. (15 pp.)

15. Kaneda, Hiromitsu. "Urban/Rural Contrast of Consumption Patterns and Consumer Preferences in Japan, 1952-1962," December 1, 1966. (31 pp.)

16. Rahman, Anisur. "The Welfare Economics of External Borrowing," December 14, 1966. (19 pp.)

17. Mamalaki, Markos. "The Export Sector, Stages of Economic Development and the Saving-Investment Process in Latin America," December 15, 1966.
(31 pp.)

18. Maneschi, Andrea & Clark W. Reynolds. "The Effect of Import Substitution on Foreign Exchange Needs, Saving Rates and Growth in Latin America,"
December 20, 1966. (36 pp.)

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20. Minami, Ryoshin. April 5, 1967, revised. (49 pp.)

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22. Frank, Charles. "Economic Growth, Foreign Trade and Capital Flows," April 12, 1967. (37 pp.)

23. Mamalakis, Markos. "An Analysis of the Financial and Investment Activities of the Chilean Development Corporation: 1939-1964," April 20, 1967. (52

24. Kaneda, Hiromitsu. "Urban-Rural Contrast of Consumer Patterns and Consumer Preferences in Post-War Japan" (revised #15), April, 1967. (18 pp.)

25. Resnick, Stephen & Stephen Hymer. "The Supply Response of Agrarian Economies and the Importance of Z Goods," April 29, 1967. (35 pp)

26. Mamalakis, Markos. "The Changing Structure and roles of the Chilean Agricultural Sector," April 28, 1967. (21 pp.)

27. Rockwell, Charles. "Urban/Rural Contrast of Consumption Patterns and Consumer Preferences in Yugoslavia, 1963," April 29, 1967. (28 pp.)

28. Rahman, Anisur. "Perspective Planning for Economic Maturity: Concepts, Logic and Methodology," May 2, 1967. (27 pp.)

29. Frank, Charles. "Employment Objectives and Economic Development in Africa (with Special References to Nigeria)," April 27, 1967. (61 pp.)

30. Huddle, Donald. "Notes on the Brazilian Industrialization: Sources of Growth and Structural Change, 1947-1963," June 2, 1967. (33 pp.)

31. Rahman, Anisur. "On the (Social) Elasticity of Marginal Utility from One- Period Consumption," June 15, 1967. (24 pp.)

32. Van Arkadie, Brian. "Canadian Independence and a Choice for the Third Stephen Hymer World," June 15, 1967. (24 pp.)

33. Huddle, Donald. "Disequilibrium Systems, Industrialization, and Inflation: The Brazilian Case," July 17, 1967. (34 pp.)

34. Sen, Sunada. "Economics of External Borrowing: The Liquidity Constraint and the Two-Gap Models of Foreign Aid," August 1, 1967. (31 pp.)

35. Cooper, Richard. "Economic Policy Adjustment in Interdependent Economies," August 17, 1967. (38 pp.)

36. Mamalakis, Markos. "Negative Personal Saving in the Chilean National Accounts: An Artifact or Reality," August 24, 1967. (52 pp.)

37. Mamalakis, Markos. "The American Copper Companies and the Chilean Government, 1920-1967: Profile of an Export Sector," September 22, 1967.
(116 pp.)

38. Berry, R. Albert. "A Note on Luxury Imports, the Savings Rank and Welfare," October 17, 1967. (12 pp.)

39. Hymer, Stephen & Stephen Resnick. "A Note on the Constancy of the Real Wage," October 17, 1967. (10 pp.)

39a. Hymer, Stephen & Stephen Resnick. October 1, 1967, Paper No. 25, revised.

40. Fei John C. H. & Gustav Ranis. "Agriculture in the Open Economy," November 1, 1967. (37 pp.)

41. Fei, John C. H. & Gustav Ranis. "Foreign Assistance and Economic Development Revisited," December 4, 1967. (24 pp.)

42. Cooper, Richard. "The Relevance of International Liquidity to Developed Countries," December 11, 1967. (23 pp.)

43. Pack. Howard & Michael Todaro. "Industrialization, Employment and the Choice of Alternative Vintage Equipment in Less Developed Countries," January
17, 1968. (25 pp.)

44. Reynolds, Lloyd G. "Is Economic Development a Subject?" February 6, 1968. (31 pp.)

45. Reynolds, Lloyd G. "Economic Development with Surplus Labor: Some Complications," February 8, 1968. (17 pp.)

46. Reynolds, Lloyd G. "Relative Earnings and Manpower Allocation in Developing Economies," February 14, 1968. (29 pp.)

47. Rockwell, Charles. "An International Comparison of the Size and Efficiency of the Yugoslav Plant," February 26, 1968. (26 pp.)

48. Hymer, Stephen & Stephen Resnick. "Interactions Between the Government and the Private Sector: An Analysis of Government Expenditure Policy and
the Reflection Ratio,"
March 28, 1968. (35 pp.)

49. Hymer, Stephen. "The Political Economy of the Gold Coast and Ghana," April 11, 1968. (29 pp.)

50. Patrick, Hugh T. "Japanese Government Macro Policy: Failure in the 1920's Success (of a Sort) in the 1930's," April 18, 1968. (65 pp.)

51. Cohen, Benjamin & Gustav Ranis. "Import Liberalization and Growth: The Second Post- War Restructuring," April 16, 1968. (25 pp.)

52. Reynolds, Lloyd G. "Notes on Raising and Allocating Central Government Revenues," April 18, 1968. (13 pp.)

53. Berry, R. Albert. "Some Implications of Elitist Rule for Economic Development in Colombia," April 19, 1968. (44 pp.)

53a. Hymer, Stephen. "Transatlantic Reactions to Foreign Investment," April 18, 1968. (44. pp.)

54. Fei, John C. H. & Gustav Ranis. "Technological Transfer, Employment and Development," May 24, 1968.
55. Cooper, Richard. "Devaluation and Aggregate Demand," June 11, 1968. (25 pp.)

56. Rockwell, Charles. "The Relevance of Illyria for Less Developed Countries," June 27, 1968. (47 pp.)

57. Reynolds, Lloyd. "The Content of Development Economics," October 1, 1968. (14 pp.)

58. Islam, Nurul. "Export Incentives and Responsiveness of Exports in Pakistan: A Quantitative Analysis," October 17, 1968. (50 pp.)

59. Patrick, Hugh T. "The Phoenix Risen from the Ashes: Postwar Japan," October 18, 1968. (59 pp.)

60. Fei, John C. H. & Gustav Ranis. "Economic Development in Historical Perspective," November 12, 1968. (47 pp.)

61. Nelson, Richard R. "The Effective Exchange Rate, Employment and Growth in a Foreign Exchange Constrained Economy," December 19, 1968. (48 pp.)

62. Cohen, Benjamin I. "The Use of Effective Tariffs," February 24, 1969. (20 pp.)

63. Hymer, Stephen & Stephen Resnick. "Capital and Wealth in the Development Process," April 4, 1969. (21 pp.)

64. Edwards, Edgar O. "Work Effort, Investible Surplus and the Inferiority of Competition," May 2, 1969. (53 pp.)

65. Pack, Howard & Michael Todaro. "Technological Transfer, Labor Absorption, and Economic Development," May 1, 1969. (14 pp.)

66. Tomasini, Luigi. "American Investments and Industrial Concentration in Europe," May 28, 1969. (26 pp.)

67. Cohen, Benjamin. "The International Development of India and Pakistan," June 25, 1969. (44 pp.)

68. Cooper, Richard. "Toward an International Capital Market?" July 10, 1969. (26 pp.)

69. Nugent, Jeffery. "Exchange Rate Policy and Export Performance: A Comparative Study of Less Developed Countries on the Silver and Gold Standards in
the Late Nineteenth Century,"
July 22, 1969. (64 pp.)

70. Patrick, Hugh T. "Financial Intermediation in Japan," July 31, 1969. (42 pp.)

71. Fei, John C. H. & Gustav Ranis. "Technological Transfer, Employment and Development" (Revised), August 1, 1969. (38 pp.)

72. Cooper, Richard N. "Currency Devaluation in Developing Countries: A Cross- Sectional Assessment," July 1969. (66 pp.)

73. Hymer, Stephen. "The Political Economy of the Gold Coast and Ghana," September 5, 1969. (Paper No. 49 revised)

74. Resnick, Stephen. "A Socio-Economic Interpretation of the Decline of Rural Industry Under Export Expansion: A Comparison Among Burma, Philippines
and Thailand, 1870-1938,"
September 17, 1969. (62 pp.)

75. Daly, Herman E. "The Population Question in Northeast Brazil: Its Economic and Ideological Dimensions," September 19, 1969. (56 pp.)

76. Hymer, Stephen. "Multinational Corporation and International Oligopoly: The Non-American Challenge," September 1969. (49 pp.)

77. Diaz-Alejandro, Carlos F. "Some Aspects of the Brazilian Experience with Foreign Aid," October 1969. (39 pp.)

78. Cohen, Benjamin I. "Bilateral Foreign Aid and Multilateral Foreign Aid," November 6, 1969. (59 pp.)

79. Hymer, Stephen. "Economic Forms in Pre-Colonial Ghana," November 6, 1969. (28 pp.)

80. Daly, Herman E. "A Marxian-Malthusian View of Poverty and Exploitation with a Corresponding Typology of Social Classes," November 17, 1969. (44

81. Dudley, Leonard. "Learning by Doing and Dynamic Comparative Advantage," December 18, 1969. (20 pp.)

82. Patrick, Hugh T. "Finance, Capital Markets and Economic Growth in Japan," January 14, 1970. (53 pp.)

83. Hymer, Stephen H. & Stephen Resnick. "International Trade and Uneven Development," January 15, 1970. (33 pp.)

84. Bell, Steven. "The Historical Determinants of Underdevelopment in Thailand," February 1970. (36 pp.)

85. Diaz-Alejandro, Carlos F. "The Adean Common Market: Gestation and Outlook," May 1970. (52 pp.)

86. Cohen, Benjamin I. & Daniel Sisle. "Export of Developing Countries in the 1960's," June 22, 1970. (43 pp.)

87. Girvan, Norman. "Multinational Corporations and Dependent Underdevelopment in Mineral-Export Economies," June 22, 1970. (60 pp.)

88. Bhalla, Ajit S. "A Disaggregative Approach to LDC's Tertiary S. Sector," June 26, 1970. (50 pp.)

89. Berry, R. Albert. "Income and Wealth Distribution in the Development Process and Their Relationship to Output Growth," July 1970. (37 pp.)

90. Ranis, Gustav. "Relative Prices in Planning for Economic Development," July 20, 1970. (21 pp.)

91. Rockwell, Charles. "Growth and Technical Progress in the Socialist Enterprises of Yugoslavia: A Cobb-Douglas Analysis Using Extraneous Estimators,"
July 22, 1970. (100 pp.)

92. Miyazawa, Kenichi. "An Analysis of the Interdependence Between Service and Good-Producing Sectors," August 13, 1970. (22 pp.)

93. Weisskoff, Richard. "Income Distribution and Economic Growth in Puerto Rico, Argentina and Mexico," August 1970. (59 pp.)

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95. Pack, Howard & Michael Todaro. "Industrialization, Employment and the Choice of Alternative Vintage Equipment in Less Developed Countries"
(Revision of #43), September 25, 1970. (22 pp.)

96. Bhalla, Ajit S. "A Disaggregative Approach to LDC's Tertiary Sector" (Revision of #88), September 25, 1970. (31 pp.)

97. Ranis, Gustav. "Technology Choice, Employment and Growth," September 29, 1970. (23 pp.)

98. Fei, John C. H. & Gustav Ranis. "LDC Innovation Analysis and the Technology Gap," September 29, 1970. (36 pp.)

99. Nelson, Richard R. "The Technology Gap and National Science Policy," September 30, 1970. (25 pp.)

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100. Berry, R. Albert. "International Trade Fluctuations and the Income and Wealth Fluctuations of Economic Growth," September 1970. (42 pp.)

101. Berry, R. Albert . "On the Usefulness of a Presumptive Tax on Agricultural Land in Colombia," October 29, 1970. (16 pp.)

102. Eads, George & Richard R. Nelson. "Governmental Support of an Advanced Civilian Technology - Power Reactors and the Supersonic Transport,"
November 1970. (26 pp.)

103. Nelson , Richard R. "Issues and Suggestions for the Study of Industrial Organization in a Regime of Rapid Technical Change," January 1971. (35 pp.)

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(30 pp.)

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Deposits and the Exchange Rate),"
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