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"Speculative Asset Prices," American Economic Review (June 2014), 104(6): 1486-1517 [CFP 1424]
"Why Is Housing Finance Still Stuck in Such a Primitive Stage?," American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings (May 2014), 104(5): 73-76 [CFP 1421]
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"A Pricing Framework for Real Estate Derivatives," European Financial Management (November 2012), 18(5): 762-789
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"Spotting Bubbles," The International Economy (Spring 2011), 34-35
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July 2005 The Culture of Entrepreneurship
June 2005 Managing Risk to Save the Poor
May 2005 Stock Market Fantasies
April 2005 Live Long and Prosper
March 2005 Butlers, Bakers, and Capitalists?
February 2005 Create Growth-Linked Bonds
January 2005 Can We Insure against Tsunamis?
December 2004 Betting the House
November 2004 Labor in a World of Financial Capitalism
October 2004 Are We Running Out of Oil (Again)?
September 2004 Are Housing Prices a House of Cards?
August 2004 Fear and Loathing in the First World
July 2004 The Electronic Money Revolution
June 2004 Will Rising Interest Rates Torpedo Stock and House Prices?
May 2004 Making a Market for Scientific Research
April 2004 The Political Stock Market
March 2004 The Machine That Ate Jobs
February 2004 Saving a World that Doesn't Save
January 2004 Wild about Risk
December 2003 How Corrupt are US Capital Markets?
November 2003 Nurturing the Creative Roots of Growth
October 2003 Learning Economic Dynamism
September 2003 Is There a Bubble in Home Prices?
August 2003 Mexico's Labyrinth of Uncertainty
July 2003 The Real Risks of Deficits
June 2003 Will the Bond Bubble Burst?
May 2003 Democratizing Capitalism
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